7 Effective Lead Generation Ideas For Estate Agents

by | Mar 12, 2023

Lead Generation Ideas For Estate Agents are essential in ensuring you continue having a steady flow of listings into your business. The more leads you generate, the greater your pipeline. In this blog post, I’ll explore seven practical lead generation ideas specifically designed for estate agents. 

  • Inbound marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing but costs 62% less.
  • Using a video on a landing page may increase conversions by 86%.

Data From: https://explain.ninja/blog/10-lead-generation-statistics-2021-key-b2b-lead-gen-stats-for-your-website/

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective lead generation ideas for estate agents. It involves optimising webpages and content to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

This gives your business greater visibility online, which can result in more traffic to your website and more leads. To maximise the impact of SEO, focus on creating informative content targeting potential customers, optimising your website for keywords related to your services, and building a network of quality backlinks. 

Additionally, keep up with the latest search engine algorithms and trends to ensure your website is continuously optimised. 

With these strategies in place, your business should start seeing more leads from organic search traffic.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an effective way for estate agents to generate leads. It’s a cost-effective form of marketing that can reach a wide audience and target specific demographics. 

Estate agents should leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn to promote their services.

Estate agents can also create compelling ad campaigns targeting the right people and measure their success with analytics. 

There are two ad types for Facebook and Instagram, ads using the housing category and ads without. 

Housing category ads. These are ads where your content talks about a property or the property market or sends visitors to a listing or valuation page. Due to Facebook’s privacy policy, you are limited to audience selection. Instead, you must rely on Facebook’s AI to target the right audience. They do this by understanding your ad copy and crawling any pages you include within the ad campaign. 

It may limit you on audience and interest types, but Facebook does a good job targeting an audience for you instead. Make sure your ad copy is clear and includes the topic of your content, the problem you are solving, and the location in which you are targeting. 

None-housing category ads. These are any other content type that has nothing to do with housing or the property market – for example, interviews with local businesses. 

You could promote a local business each week and put it out as a Facebook ad. Why? This is one of my favourite marketing channels for building brand awareness, authority and trust around an estate agent’s business and services. 

Why should estate agents produce content that promotes the community and the people and businesses that live/work within the area? Not only does this type of content get excellent reach and engagement, but it also shows that you are a local estate agent that generally cares about the local community. 

The best bit about ads that don’t need to include the housing category is that you can target certain postcodes and people that visit Rightmove and Zoopla. 

Let’s say Joe Bloggs has his house listed on the market but is struggling to sell it. He is probably already receiving material through the door as his slow-moving property popped up on your chosen prospecting tool and now, he is seeing your social media posts too. 

Anyone with a property on the market can’t help but visit property portals. Therefore, you are now being seen on their Facebook feeds as an estate agent who cares about the community, as well as your canvassing efforts that are being delivered through their letter box. 

Another excellent bonus for promoting local businesses within your community is that they will become ambassadors for you and will recommend your services to other homeowners looking to sell. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective lead generation strategies for estate agents. Google Ads are a great way to get your business noticed by potential clients in a very short amount of time. With Google Ads, you can create highly targeted campaigns to reach your target audience. You can even target specific locations and neighbourhoods.

Google Ads are also very affordable, and you can set a budget that works for your business. This allows you to start small and scale up as you generate more leads. When setting up your campaigns, include compelling offers and attractive visuals to attract potential clients. Also, ensure that you track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed to maximise ROI.

With Google Ads, you can quickly build an online presence and gain visibility for potential customers. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to generate leads for your estate agency.


Canvassing is an excellent way for estate agents to generate leads.

I know a lot of estate agents that run highly profitable businesses just by picking and nurturing the low-hanging fruit within their territories. 

Suppose you are using the right prospecting tool. In that case, you can nurture slow-moving properties within your market and hit them with well-thought-out letters and fliers that help you become top of mind when they eventually get tired of their existing estate agent and are looking for a change. 

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), “89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing- more than any other marketing channel. And it has a powerful place in people’s lives, with 45% keeping leaflets on a pinboard or in the kitchen drawer.”

I talk more about canvassing for slow-moving properties in my recent article, Content Strategies For Estate Agents in 2023.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great way for estate agents to generate leads. A referral program allows existing customers to refer friends and family to your business in exchange for rewards. This can be an excellent way to increase brand awareness and attract new leads.

Referral programs can be a powerful lead generation tool by offering incentives such as discounts, free products or services, or even cash rewards. Customers trust their friends’ recommendations more than traditional marketing tactics, making referrals a great way to generate qualified leads.

When implementing a referral program, it’s essential to ensure you have a clear system in place to track and reward referrals accurately. Additionally, promote your referral program as much as possible so that your customers know about it and are encouraged to spread the word. With the right strategy, referral programs can be an effective lead generation tool for estate agents.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to generate leads for estate agents. It allows you to target potential customers based on their interests and preferences. With email marketing, you can create personalised content that speaks directly to your target audience and encourages them to take action. By creating relevant and tailored campaigns to their needs, you can increase the likelihood of success in converting leads into sales.

To get started with email marketing, you’ll need to create a list of contacts and email addresses that you can use to send out messages. You can do this by collecting data from past and current customers and other opportunities like your free valuation tool and PDF downloads. 

Once you have a list, you can create compelling content to send to your contacts. You should also create a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of each email so that your audience knows what to do next. For example – Book a free property consultation. 

When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to track the performance of your campaigns to determine which strategies work best. This can help you determine where you should focus your efforts in the future and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Additionally, segmenting your email lists can help you target different audiences more effectively.

Email marketing can be an effective way for estate agents to generate leads and, ultimately, increase sales. By creating personalised messages and tracking the performance of your campaigns, you can get better results from your efforts. With the right strategy and approach, you can convert more leads into sales and grow your business.

Sponsorship Deals

A sponsorship deal is when a business agrees to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a certain type of promotional activity or advertisement from another business. These types of deals can be incredibly valuable, as they allow you to reach a large number of potential customers with minimal effort. For an estate agent, they can offer a percentage of each sale generated from a certain arrangement.

There are various ways that you can use sponsorship deals to generate leads for your estate agency. You could sponsor local schools, events, shows, and sports games. By sponsoring your local school, they could include a link back to your website on the footer of each newsletter and allow you to brand seasonal sporting events and markets, letting you gain exposure to a large number of local people who may be interested in your services.

Before you go, I cover the power of content marketing and how it can help you get more listings in this article and I think you’ll like it!


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