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by | Apr 10, 2023

Link building for any business is essential to boost search engine rankings and generate local traffic and leads to your website pages. In this blog post, I’ll cover 6 ways you can use link building to boost traffic and leads to your estate agency business. From building relationships with local influencers to getting creative with various backlink strategies, there are plenty of ways to make your local estate agency business stand out and find new link-building opportunities to help better rank your estate agent’s website.

  • 46% of companies will spend $10,000 for SEO link building.
  • 60% of businesses outsource their link-building strategy to an SEO expert. Only 30 % do it in-house.

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Add Your Business to Online Directories

One of the most effective ways to get more backlinks and citations for your local business is to add it to online directories. When people search for local businesses, many of them will look on these directories for listings, so it’s vital that your business is listed there.

Not only do people start to see your business on these business directories, but these online business listings will create a link pointing back to your website. In theory, each of these listings will work as a vote of confidence to search engines which will, in return, start to rank your website higher. Here is a list of 160+ UK business listing sites to help get you started

Create Local Content

Creating local content is a great way to increase your link-building. When you produce content related to the area you are targeting, you are likely to attract people interested in that area land of your website, who are more likely to be interested in your business and your content. As a result, you will gain links from local websites that cite your content and link back to it. Easy!

When creating local content, include links to local organisations that may have contributed information or data to your content. This will create more connections to those local sources and encourage them to link back to your website. You can also include links to local media outlets and websites, as these links can be very powerful and beneficial to local SEO. 

In conclusion, creating local content effectively boosts link-building for your local estate agency businesses. It is also excellent at building partnerships with local businesses and key figures within your community.

Get Involved in The Community

One of the best ways to build local links is to get involved in your local community. Start by attending local events such as farmer’s markets, local trade shows or even charity events. These events will allow you to meet other local business owners, make connections, and even create strategic partnerships. You can use these events to promote your business and acquire new links from other local businesses just by doing a little bit of PR.

Another great way to get involved in your local community is by joining local business organisations or chambers of commerce. You can also consider sponsoring a local sports team. These activities will increase your visibility in the local market and allow you to build relationships with other community members and key figures. This can be a great way to generate backlinks from high-authority websites and help boost your local SEO.

Get more tips on how to tap into your community by reading my Local Influencer Marketing For Estate Agents article.

Sponsor a Local Event

Sponsoring a local event is a great way to build your link profile, gain visibility in your community and drive more customers to your business. It also further helps you connect with other local businesses, build relationships and increase your credibility. 

When sponsoring a local event, consider what type of event would be most beneficial for your business. Is it a charity event, sports tournament, art show, or something else? Think about who your target audience is and what kind of event they would be interested in. You could also offer your own special event to draw in potential customers. 

Once you’ve chosen the right event to sponsor, make sure you promote it effectively. Use social media, email marketing and traditional advertising to inform people about it and ensure they know who is sponsoring the event. You could also create special offers or discounts to reward those who attend your event.

By sponsoring a local event, you can build links, increase visibility, and reach a new audience. It’s a great way to get involved in your community and boost your business!

Guest Blog on a Local Website

When it comes to guest blogging, it’s essential to focus on finding relevant websites in your area that accept guest posts. Once you’ve identified potential websites, contact them and make an offer. Make sure to clearly explain what kind of content you can provide them and how it will benefit their website. When making the offer, add a link to your website and the anchor text you want to include.

To ensure your post is accepted and published, your content needs to be high-quality and valuable for the reader. Provide helpful information relevant to the target audience and include links supporting your points. It’s also important to be aware of any formatting or length requirements set by the website before submitting your post. 

Once your post has been published, promote it across your website and social media channels. This will not only help to increase exposure for your post but will also help to drive more traffic and backlinks to your website. 

Here are a few guest blogging ideas for you:

  • Monthly local property market update
  • Local property trends
  • Monthly street of the week articles that include data and insight to the street

Create Your Own Online Directory

Creating an online directory for your local business is a great way to build links, increase your visibility in the local area, and boost your SEO. An online directory can be a helpful resource for potential customers, making it easier for them to find local businesses and services in the area. 

The first step is to gather information about the businesses or service providers you plan to include in your directory. You’ll need their name, contact information, website link, and any other relevant details. You may also want to have reviews from customers or other testimonials. 

You will then need to ask them if they are happy to be included in the online directory. As it is free and local, most businesses will be more than happy to get involved. 

In return for being a member of the newly built local directory, each business must add the directory to its website. This can easily be done by uploading a PDF file to a website and creating a unique URL for it.

Let’s say you managed to get 30 local businesses to join the local online directory. Each of these businesses will host the directory on their website using a unique URL. Meaning each business will benefit from 29 free local links back to their website. 

Then if each business regularly promotes the online directory on their social media channels, the directory will start to gain more traffic from potential customers, and further local businesses could be interested in becoming members.


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