Boosting Your SEO and Local Presence Through Blogging

by | Oct 23, 2023

Blogging isn’t just about sharing your thoughts and ideas; it’s a potent tool for improving your SEO and boosting your local presence. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of blogging for SEO, exploring how it contributes to topical authority, enhances local SEO, creates backlink opportunities, and increases domain authority. All vital factors when wanting to rank your estate agency business and be seen as the go-to estate agent in your community.

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The SEO Landscape

Before diving into the specifics, let’s look at the current SEO landscape. Search engines like Google have evolved to provide users with the most relevant and high-quality content. As a result, SEO strategies have shifted from keyword stuffing to a focus on user experience and valuable content.

This shift has made blogging a crucial element in the SEO toolkit. Blog posts offer an avenue to provide informative, engaging, and fresh content that appeals to both users and search engines. Search engines reward websites that regularly publish quality content with higher search engine rankings. Here are some key statistics that underscore the importance of blogging for SEO:

Fresh Content Matters: Websites that publish 16 or more blog posts per month receive almost 3.5 times more traffic than those that publish 0-4 posts. (HubSpot)

Long-Form Content Wins: Blog posts with over 1,000 words tend to rank higher on search engines. (Backlinko)

Blogs Equal Backlinks: Businesses that blog receive 97% more backlinks to their websites. (HubSpot)

Now, let’s explore how blogging can enhance your local SEO, starting with topical authority.

1. Topical Authority: A Pillar of SEO

To rank well in search engine results, your website must establish itself as an authoritative source on specific topics or keywords. This concept is known as topical authority. Regularly publishing blog posts on topics relevant to your industry or niche is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise.

For example, you are a local estate agent in Bath, publishing blog posts about property marketing tips and local market updates, and including the keyword “Bath” with each article will showcase your expertise in selling homes in Bath and builds topical authority. When potential customers search for property-marketing-related queries in your area, Google is more likely to consider your website as a relevant source due to your demonstrated expertise.

In terms of local SEO, focusing on topics that resonate with your community can help you target local audiences effectively.

My favourite tool for this is the Content Idea Finder feature on SE Ranking. You can key in a search term, such as “Estate Agents” or “Tips For Selling Your Home”, and SE Ranking will give you a ton of content suggestions for you to turn into blog posts.

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Blog Ideas For Estate Agents - Selling your house fast

Blog Ideas For Estate Agents - Tips to sell your house

Another great idea is to use ChatGPT to help you develop relevant content suggestions, as covered in my video below.

2. Local SEO: The Key to Local Business Success

Local SEO is a specialised branch of SEO that aims to increase your visibility in local search results. For brick-and-mortar businesses, this can be a game-changer. Blogging can significantly boost your local SEO efforts by:

Targeting Local Keywords: Creating content that includes local keywords, such as city or neighbourhood names, helps you appear in local search results. For instance, a blog post titled “The Best Coffee Shops in [Your City]” can attract local traffic.

Establishing Local Credibility: Publishing content about local events, news, or community involvement demonstrates your business’s connection to the area, building trust among local consumers.

Attracting Local Backlinks: Writing informative blog posts about your locality can attract backlinks from other local websites and businesses, further improving your local SEO.

Tip – When creating local SEO or social media content, it’s always important to break your content into two sections – Local property marketing/sales expertise and local community news and updates. Although posting about the local community isn’t directly relevant to selling homes, your targeted audience and the search engine algorithms will love it. In return, your visibility for being seen as the local/friendly go-to property expert will increase considerably.

3. Backlink Opportunities: The Power of Blog Networking

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or external links, are links from other websites to your site. Search engines consider backlinks as a vote of confidence in your content, which can improve your search engine rankings. Blogging can help you generate backlink opportunities in several ways:

Quality Content Attracts Backlinks: When you publish high-quality, informative blog posts, other websites are likelier to link to your content as a valuable resource.

Guest Blogging: Collaborating with other bloggers or websites in your niche allows you to contribute guest posts, including backlinks to your site, which can drive more traffic and improve your domain authority.

Internal Linking: Within your blog posts, you can strategically link to other pages on your website. This practice can increase the time users spend on your site and reduce bounce rates, both of which are factors search engines consider when ranking websites.

How Blogging Improves Your Local SEO

4. Domain Authority: The Long-Term SEO Asset

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results pages. Blogging is crucial in building and improving your domain authority over time. When you consistently create valuable, relevant, and shareable content, you’re likely to:

Earn Trust: As your blog gains authority and recognition in your industry, more websites are likely to link to your content and cite your blog as a credible source.

Boost Engagement: Engaging blog content keeps users on your site longer, which can lower bounce rates and signal to search engines that your website provides a positive user experience.

Cultivate a Loyal Audience: Regular blog updates encourage visitors to return, subscribe to your newsletter, and follow you on social media, fostering a loyal audience.

Increase Social Shares: Blog posts that resonate with readers are often shared on social media platforms, driving more traffic to your site.


In summary, blogging isn’t just a way to share your thoughts; it’s a powerful tool for improving your website’s SEO and local presence. Your blog can become a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy by focusing on topical authority, local SEO, backlink opportunities, and domain authority. If you need more help with your SEO,  learning about SEO success and understanding the process can help.

As the statistics and practices outlined above indicate, investing in a well-maintained blog can pay substantial dividends in terms of improved search engine rankings and greater visibility in your local market. So, start blogging and watch your online presence grow.


I hope this helps!

Paul 😀

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