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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the information we collect about you, what we use the information for and the steps we take to ensure your information is kept secure and confidential. Please read the policy, as you will be deemed to have accepted its contents if you contract with us for the provision of our services and if you use my website, https://estateagency.marketing/.

If you have any questions about the policy, please email paul@estateagency.marketing.

Information collected

As an integral part of the service I provide to my clients, I will have access to and retain certain personal information about you, your team and your business. I will only access and retain such information as is necessary to deliver the business service we have agreed with you to provide.

When you request a download from our website or use the contact page to make an enquiry, I collect your personal details, including your email address. These contact pages include an option to opt-in to receive our news, event information and service updates.

I may collect contact details when I attend business events or as a member of business clubs and associations, and I may, from time to time, collect contact details from third parties for the purposes of business development. In each case, your contact details will be collected only with your permission, for example, if you personally give me a business card containing your contact information.

I collect information about your visit to my website. To do so, I use cookies which are used by Google and Facebook, to provide analysis.

How I use the information

I use your contact details to fulfil specific requests you make of us, for example, to send you an article.

I use your contact information to send you our newsletters, invitations to events and other updates, which I think may be of interest to you.

I may provide selected personal information to associates, sub-contractors and other individuals or organisations where I deem it necessary for legitimate business purposes and for the provision of the services we have agreed with you to provide. An example is contracting with a service provider who may have access to personal information to arrange business meetings on our behalf.

If I think that my service to you will be enhanced by introducing you to a third party, I will seek your permission first. This does not preclude me from making a business introduction or referral.

I may also use and analyse the information referred to in this policy to generate internal reports and insights. I use the information to understand and improve the service I am providing and to personalise our website and the services I offer. Where necessary, this exercise may be carried out on our behalf by a third party.

Information security

I endeavour to keep your information secure. Your personal details, such as your email address, may be stored and used outside the UK and the European Union when I make use of third-party services such as email communication, event invitations and surveys. I may also access and use personal information to provide services to you when travelling, including outside the EU. You should be aware that some countries have different data protection and information access policies to the UK and the EU.

I use third-party business applications in which your contact details may be stored. These include:

Google Drive and their cloud feature.

Hubspot for sending our newsletters and other email communications.


In addition to the use of your information as described above, I may, under certain circumstances, be required to disclose your information. These circumstances include:

Being required to by law

In connection with legal proceedings

Being required to do so by a Government or law enforcement agency

Information requests.

Under data protection legislation, you have the right to request a copy of the personal information I hold about you (a ‘service access request’), to have any inaccuracies corrected and to request that I delete all personal data I hold about you.

I will use reasonable efforts to rectify any inaccuracies in our records and delete your personal data if you so request us.

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time. Any changes will be contained within this document and become effective on the effective date at the foot of the document. It is your responsibility to check this page for updates and changes.

If you have any questions about the policy, please email paul@estateagency.marketing.


Use of Affiliate Links…

This is a marketing agency site and blog that exists for the purpose of helping businesses to grow faster.

I do use affiliate links as a way to help support the running of my business. A guys gotta eat, right?

Affiliate marketing is a widely used practice, and some of the biggest brands on the planet use it. This includes the likes of Amazon.

If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I may make a small commission.

I am careful about the products/services I recommend, and if I believe that they hold no value – I won’t recommend them.

With that in mind, you should assume that all links are affiliate links and do your own due diligence before making a purchase. What’s right for me may not be the perfect solution for you. It’s important to figure out what you want to achieve. This will make any purchase decisions far easier.

Effective Date: June 2021